verticals 6aThe Dressage Vertical ...

This particular Vertical was designed for dressage saddles and bridles with a lockable top section for polos, medicines, your wallet, cell phone etc. It contains the folloeing:

• 2 removable and adjustable saddle racks, 6 bridle racks and 6 hooks,
• 2 brush boxes on doors,
• a removable partition in the top section that divides it into 3 compartments,
• another saddle rack that folds out,
• a mirror and cork board in lid,
• lid supports that mounted in the lid,
• cedar lining on the floor,
• removable handles mounted on the back for tilting the trunk to wheel it around, and
• a choice of 4 casters or extra large rough terrain tires, which are better for rolling in sand, mud and up van ramps.


The Dressage Vertical is 57” tall including the wheels. The inside dimensions are 37” high and 26” wide.