verticals 3The Large Vertical Trunk ...

"A Place for Everything..."

The advantage of the Large Vertical Tack Trunk is there is more space, than in the Standard Vertical Trunk, 4" from side to side, which makes it easier to reach the bridles, especially if the saddles have large padded skirts. However, the larger one is a little more difficult to maneuver. All of our upright trunks, Large Vertical Tack Trunk, Wardrobe Trunk and Medicine Chest have the large heavy handle on the back for easy tilting. They also have a strong ring on the back bolted through to the inside touse as a tie down or to lock up using a cable and lock. The bridle racks on both Verticals slide out to make it more operational.


Large Verticals are 45" tall (excluding the wheels and legs or casters), 25-1/2" from front to back, and 29" across the front.