trunks 7Valuable & Exotic Woods ...

Pictured here is an example of a trunk made out of some very beautiful, highly figured mahogany trimmed in heavy solid brass. Even though your first impression might be that these pieces should only be for the house, they can also be comfortably used in the barn or at the horse shows, as they have several coats of a protective marine spar varnish on them.

Due to our location in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, we have available to us an unusually wide selection of exotic hardwoods. These woods come to Port Everglades for use in the yacht building trade. The selection is a fairly laborious process of climbing over stacks of lumber and moving many planks to choose the best figure and color.

If you have an interest in trunks or smaller pieces made with some spectacular woods, give us a call.  We can usually get very nice examples of: Honduras Mahogany, Brazilian Rosewood, Teak, Vermilion, and Cherry at market price.