trunks 4Small Trunks ...

 There are many design choices for your trunks and stable equipment. If you do not see anything you like, send us your ideas and we will try to work it out.

The two trunks in the first photo have the "special inlay" design, black in the middle with camel on the outside and a white ogee stripe. This is one of the ways to incorporate three colors. Following is a large trunk with the "triple stripe", red in the center piped or outlined in white; medium trunks can also come with the "triple stripe", and a small trunk comes with two separate different color stripes. We also divide one stripe in half, making each half a different color.  And, of course, the stripe can be of one color and the artwork another.


Small Trunks are 32" long, 18" front to back and 18" tall.