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The Campaign Chests ...

This box is based on the original British military campaign chest. Constantly on the move to distant locations and deployed in less than ideal conditions, an officer could find a measure of stability and order with a beautiful and durable box for his personal items.

Our Campaign Chest can be used for a rider's equipment: chaps, helmet, shirts and the like. Or, as is often the case, it serves as a medicine box. It provides a way to keep medications and supplies clean and organized. The individual compartments can be fitted with dividers to your specifications.

The complexity of a busy show stable is acknowledged by having a writing surface in the top. It allows you to maintain daily medical records and, also, provides space for health papers and other communications.

The cabinet underneath can be made with either doors or drawers for additional storage. Together they form a movable dispensary that allows you to go from show to show and back to the farm, while knowing that your horse's supplies will be in the right place every time.

The campaign chest is 32” long, 18” wide and 29” tall.