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Small Trunk Stacking Cabinets ...

Taking Advantage of Vertical Space

The Stacking Cabinets save floor space and allows you to work at eye level. Your medicines, paperwork, braidling equipment, special bandages can be handled in a more organized and calm manner than storing them in the bottom of a tack trunk.

Depending on what you want to store; you might use just two boxes, or have all drawers, or all shelves, big drawers and small ones, filing cabinet drawers.

cabinets 8a

The Stacking Cabinets can be easily carried from show to show or nicely fits in the stable or home office for all your paperwork,catalogs and files.

The Three Stacking Box in this page are built on a small truck format. 

Think how much storage space there is in three small trunks taking up the floor space of one trunk and easy access to everything.

Then at the end of the show; three small trunks are easy to load in the van.