cabinets 4The Cabinets ...

The Cabinet is very versatile and useful. It can sit under the Campaign Chest. We, also, make a large one for the large trunk. The Cabinet is like having a second trunk without taking up any more floor space in the aisle.

Used in conjunction with a tack trunk, the Cabinet can store blankets, saddle pads, tall bottles, rider's raingear, and many other things. It can hold items not needed at the horse show and stay at the barn. Placed under a grooming box or stacked on top of each other, the Cabinets keep the grooming stall organized. The Cabinet can be empty or have a shelf or drawers. They can hold all the stuff that now currently stored in milk crates, buckets and odd containers that tend to be forgotten, or "borrowed".


The Cabinet is 32" long, 18" wide and 17" tall.