cabinets 3


Orange Vinyl Trimmed with Varnished Cypress Hardwood ...

The top section can be setup for bottles or however you like.

You might find working out of the Campaign Chest and Cabinet enjoyable and relaxing. Everything you are doing can be at eye level and laid out in an organized manner.

There is no need to rummage for some errant item in the bottom of a trunk, leaning over, making your job harder than it needs to be and, probably, saving time best spent doing something else.

All of this is true when you switch out a tack trunk for the Campaign Chest, or any stacking box arrangement. The Personal Stacking Boxes are the easiest way to move from show to show, then Small Trunk Stacking Boxes and finally Campaign Chests. The Large Trunk Cabinets are heavy and best left in the barn holding the items you do not use everyday.