How to Order

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However, we find speaking with you to be the most satisfactory. There are so many choices, details and slight differences of every aspect or our products that are easier to discuss on the phone. For instance, if you are planning on more than one trunk, perhaps one should have one shallow tray and one deeper one for bottles, etc. and another trunk would be more useful with two shallow trays.

Should we put numbers on them? Or should they have small name plates (person's name, or blankets, saddle pads, suppliments etc.)? Maybe instead of one large trunk, you might find traveling better for you with one small trunk and a braiding bench. Do you want a tread top on the braiding bench to stand on, handles, holes in the bottom for air circulation, if it will store boots?

And then there is the color discussion. Green. What green? Light hunter? Olive greenish? Black green? Sort of kelly? Dark hunter? McGuinn green? We make up each order's colors individually, so talking about the exact colors will help us make your tack trunk as you wanted.

While speaking, we may both decide samples would be a good idea. You may have a thought for a product or product modification. We can send drawings back and forth to find what would work for you.

What about the type of wood you would like, letter styles, designs? Should we hurry for a birthday? Do you want us to send a gift certificate to someone? When are you leaving for the show?

The details matter. Riding, training and showing horses are very difficult endeavors. Your equipment should be as perfect as possible to help make your time with the horses enjoyable and successful.



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McGuinn Farms, Inc.Drawing by R.W. Mutch

R. W. Mutch